Well that’s what I think I do!

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I enjoy blogging, I find blogging to be a great way to put thoughts down, show photos, pass on tips and tricks like detailing how I took that shot etc.

DSC01241 Town Cryer, Australia Day 2017

Well that’s what I think I do!

But the reality is the exact opposite. I’ve read more blogs than I’ve written and spend more time surfing the net (Hello Youtube). Last year I posted an extraordinary number of posts. An incredible 12, that’s right. 12! Sounds like one a month but I didn’t even manage to maintain that. A simple one post a month. How hard can it be, honestly once a month?

Why? why do I continue to blog? or attempt to anyway.

I think the answer is that I like to write my thoughts down, read other peoples blogs, show some photos and connect with other bloggers and photographers.

DSC01677 Luna Park Ferris Wheel, Sydney


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new images

New images are of saweed patterns taken on the beach- the sun was low and the shadows gave a nice pattern to the images – i did blind drawings and highlights shapes which interested me.

Then in the spirit of using opulent colours/materials I used coloured inks. Am happy with some of the results.
More to follow…

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Masterchef The Celebs

So masterchef starts again. Let’s put aside that I don’t know Any of the celebs tonight.
I loved the half hour show on BBC 2 when the masterchef programme left Lloyd behind. The quick fix of foodie programming at tea time was perfect.

Now an hour on a Wednesday and Thursday with half a hour on Friday does stretch the concentration.

I do live the J Torde demonstrations and explanations of classical dishes and do feel sorry with the palate tests as I would also find identifying the ingredients quite difficult.

Well let’s hope for good things from this series.

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Reversing Into A Car Parking Spot

What’s the point!
Why reverse into a car parking spot?
It takes longer then drinving in. It is harder to reverse into a narrow spot.  Drive in and when in comes to reversing out there is more room.  Easier to get out.
So why do people persist in reversing into car parking spots.
It’s not to make it easier to put your shopping into the boot. Have you ever seen people with the trolley at the front of the car carrying bags around to the boot and banging of both cars hitting the side mirrors.  easier to drive in and have the boot more accessible.
So why do people persist in driving into car parking spots.

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Why am I so irritable today?

Things annotying me today –

car two behind me at traffic lights beeping when he couldn’t see I was acutally taking off when the lights turned Green.

Peolpe not closing the door when coming into the office.

People taking their coat off – 1. it is 21 degrees outsdide – why the coat and two we learned how to put on and take of coats when we were kids – so whats the problem.??

_ lots more but the irritation is subsiding.

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I love Italy but the thing that stops me living there is the thing with queues. I have never stood in a queue in Italy without at least five Italians trying to pay for something by skipping.
I have made peace with this – actually I ask my wife to do it, as she graciously does it to shut me up.

Today a new low occurred but this time in Ireland. At four thirty on a Sunday afternoon in a quiet cafe in an arts and crafts shop.
I was m the middle of ordering ( a tea, a coffee, and small iced cake for the little fellow) when a middle aged woman came along the counter walked around me and stood in front of me and began to order in the middle of the shop assistant talking to me.

Eventually the shop assistant said this to her and she desisted. This woman however did remain obstructing the till and patently making it oblivious her displeasure at having to wait.

Now the thing I don’t understand is WHY? It is a quiet Sunday afternoon, you are going to wait a minute or so – and why did I get so annoyed – she didn’t even look Italian !

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Spain v portugal WC 1/4 final

Doing a mourhino on Spain – quote of the evening from Liam Brady on Rte2 Analysis – but finding it difficult to take them all seriously after Today’s Gift Grub sketch.

Can’t believe Spain and Portugal have played each other competitively so few times. Wonder if Portugal have a similar relationship football wise as Ireland do with England?

One other question – How does Ronaldo get to wear number 7 for Portugal – does he earn more from advertising if he wears it ??

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